PISA 2018 Governing Board Meeting

PISAThe PISA  2018 (Program for International Student Assessment) Governing Board held their 41st meeting on 14-16 June, 2016 in OECD Conference Center in Paris where present were: Governing Board members (OECD countries and Associates), OECD delegates, and Partner economies (observers) including Bosnia and Herzegovina. Continue reading

Study visit – Quality Management

Grupa za QMMembers of the inter-institutional group for quality management along with the management of the institutions participating in the Program of Strengthening the Public Institutions (SPI) paid a study visit to Belgium on 05-09 June 2016. The delegation of 26 representatives of partner institutions from BiH got acquainted with the survey practice and methods on managing citizens’ satisfaction in Belgium, activities  related to Common Assessment Framework (CAF) resource centers in the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, and Italy, ISO standards  implementation in Austria and how to use online tools for this purpose. Continue reading

National Policy – Local Implementation

SLOVENIJA konferencijaThe Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH representatives participated in the conference:  ‘National Policy – Local Implementation’ held on 01-03 June, 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The event was organized by EBSN network (European Basic Skills Network) and Slovenian Centre for Adult Education with a view of promoting and advancing basic adult skills. Continue reading

Guidelines on Realizing Education Program in Case of Natural and Other Disasters

Radionica The ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Save the Children International has launched activities related to developing the guidelines on realizing education program in case of natural and other disasters.A working group to develop the guidelines comprised of education and BiH protection and rescue bodies’ representatives held a three-day meeting 0n 17-19 May, 2016 at Jahorina, including the Agency for Pre-Primary, primary and Secondary Education of BiH delegate. Continue reading